What does "Ball Drop" mean?

Ball Drop impact resistance and IK Ratings explained

“Ball Drop” refers to the impact resistance of the touch screen. The impact resistance is determined by dropping a steel ball of a specified mass from a specified height onto the front of the product in a horizontal position. Most Ball Drop ratings are specified by IK ratings; occasionally UL ratings are used.

The ratings are as stated below (“protected against” meaning that the glass does not break under the stated conditions):

IK07 - Protected against 2 joules of impact (the equivalent to the impact of a 0.5kg mass dropped from 400mm above the impacted surface)

IK08 - Protected against 5 joules of impact (the equivalent to the impact of a 1.7kg mass dropped from 300mm above the impacted surface)

UL60950 – Protected against 0.5kg mass dropped from 300mm above the impacted surface

No Ball Drop specification or “Ball Drop: -“ means no ball drop certification applies to the product.


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