Definitions and Acronyms

Definitions of common terms and acronyms.


A touch monitor that is intended to be stand-mounted and used on a desk or tabletop. For MicroTouch Desktop monitors, the stand is sold as an option, allowing a choice of stands or the option for users to supply their own stand or to mount the monitor using the standard VESA mount pattern.



All-in-one system. Also known as a touch computer. A single housing, usually in the format of a monitor, but also incorporating standard computer capabilities.


Open Frame

A touch monitor that is intended to be mounted in a kiosk or other enclosure. For that reason, open frame monitors often lack the plastic case typically found on desktop and other monitors, and some have only a metal rear enclosure with ventilation holes. Some incorporate a tapered closed-cell surrounding gasket that is intended to form a seal when the unit is pushed into the enclosure’s opening.



In monitor terms, typically a compact stand or enclosure that incorporates a touch monitor or touch computer, usually for self-service in public areas.


Slimline Kiosk series

MicroTouch’s kiosk monitor line. May be mounted on a standard desktop stand, a tall kiosk-type stand or in a kiosk or other enclosure.


Digital Signage

A large-format monitor, typically 32” diagonal or lager, usually intended for public information systems. May also be used for industrial or other control rooms or other specialized applications.


Healthcare monitor

A touch monitor that conforms to healthcare industry standards. The primary difference is that the power supply is certified to meet standards for very low leakage current. It is vitally important that the correct power supply be used. MicroTouch Healthcare monitors are included in the Desktop series; they are distinguished by the -M suffix, as in DT-215P-M1.



Video Electronics Standards Association, an organization dedicated to promoting standards for monitors. In monitor terms, VESA often refers to the VESA mount standard, a set of mounting specifications for monitors. The mount pattern is specified as horizontal spacing by vertical spacing, and a square 100 mm x 100 mm four screw pattern is standard for most small to medium size monitors. Larger monitors have wider-spaced holes, use larger-diameter screws, and may specify more than four screws. Most MicroTouch touch monitor and touch computer products incorporate a VESA mount pattern.



A unit of monitor brightness (from the Latin niteres, to shine). The more modern unit is Candelas Per Meter Squared, or Cd/m2.



See NITS, above.



IP stands for “Ingress Protection” (protection against dust, moisture, water, etc. getting inside an electrical enclosure), and the R stands for “Rating”, so: Ingress Protection Rating. The various rating numbers classify the level of sealing effectiveness. IP65 means the unit is sealed to withstand a directed stream of water (very specific details are in the table below).

IMPORTANT: Only the front surface and the attachment of the touch screen of MicroTouch products meet this certification. The rear of the enclosure typically has vents to allow heat to escape, so the rear of the enclosure cannot be so certified. Further, in the case of a product that has been mounted into an enclosure by an end user or other party, that assembly is not certified unless the assembler has that entire assembly certified.

 IP Rating



 Test Method


Able to protect against water jets

Water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.

Test duration: at least 15 minutes

Water volume: 12.5 liters per minute

Pressure: 30 kPa at distance of 3 m



Projected Capacitive touch technology. The modern standard for touch technologies. Reacts to a change in an electrical field behind the glass touch screen caused by capacitive coupling to the user.



On-Screen Display. A menu displayed on the monitor screen that allows changing the appearance of the video, selection of the video input signal source and, on some products, touch performance options. The menus is popped up and navigated by pressing buttons on either the back of the touch monitor or, optionally for many products, on a remote keypad that is connected to he monitor.



A screw size designation. The M stands for metric and the 4 is the screw diameter in mm. M4 x 8 is a 4 mm diameter screw 8 mm in length.



The radius of a corner, in mm; in this case, a 4 mm corner radius.


LCD Panel

The liquid crystal display panel assembly, the major component of an LCD monitor. Typically referenced in specifications.



Magnetic Stripe Reader accessory. Also known as card swipe.



CE: Conforms to European health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

FCC: Indicates that the electromagnetic radiation from the device is below the limits specified by the Federal Communications Commission.

LVD: (European) Low voltage directive. Ensures that electrical equipment within certain voltage limits provides a high level of protection.

RoHS: Restriction of Hazardous Substances. Restricts the use of specific hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products. 



A three letter acronym for three letter acronym.


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