Do I need to calibrate my touch monitor

Overview of Driver/OS calibration tools vs factory calibration.

In most cases, NO you will not need to calibrate your MicroTouch touch monitor because we calibrate it in our factory.  


In the world of touch screens there are two distinct levels of "calibration".


Factory calibration. As mentioned above we calibrate all of our devices in our factory and store this information in flash memory. This allows the devices to work for most OSes/situations our of the box (Plug and Play) - just like consumer tablets and cell phones.


OS/Driver Calibration. Legacy operating systems did require drivers for touch, but most OSes have supported MicroTouch devices for more than a decade. If you have an legacy OS you can launch a ticket below to ask for the specific driver you need. For modern OSes there are typically tools that allow for minor calibration adjustments. These tools are what consumers would use to setup multiple monitors, under-scanned video, or other unique situations where the internal (factory) calibration is not sufficient. More information.


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