How should I store MicroTouch Products

Products often need to be stored for construction, off-season, moving or a variety of other reasons. Here are some tips to help.

Off the floor - When at all possible, storing hardware elevated off the ground in a great idea. Not only does this help with possible water ingress, but elevation also helps with pest and other such things.

Original packaging – If you have the original packaging this is a great start. Original packaging will protect the product and make it easier for storage. If you do not have the original packaging, then wrapping the product in cotton, or other soft material. Ensure that all sides are wrapped and covered. This provides both against impact damage, but also helps prevent dust / pest from getting inside. You can also double up on you packaging having both a fabric covering and bubble wrap. In this situation, you would want the fabric touching the electronics and the bubble wrap on the outside.

Plastic bag and desiccant packs - Desiccant packs help absorb moisture. However, to work correctly they should be in a sealed container. If you have the original plastic bag that is not damaged – add desiccant packs, fold the opening, and tape it shut. If you do not have the original bag, or it is damaged a thick contractor bag can be used as a substitute.

Covered/enclosed area – If you have your choice, choose an interior room for storage. Interior rooms will be less impacted by environmental fluctuations than rooms on exterior walls and windows.

Monitors/AiO – If you are storing monitors outside of their original packaging, tape a piece of cardboard over the screen to protect it. Wrap the monitor in cloth then a plastic, or better yet, bubble wrap. Store the monitor standing up so other things will not be stacked on it. If you are storing multiple monitors in a box or a tote – many monitors have removable stands. Removing the stand

Cables – Mice and other rodents have a need to chew on hard substances to file their teeth down. Unfortunately, the wires and cabling for your electronic equipment make a good dental instrument for rodents. To help mitigate this, store removable cables in a separate, sealed container. If you are storing multiple cables from various equipment in the same container – label the cords. You can purchase tags/labels, or a piece of masking tape and a marker will suffice. If the cord will not detach from the equipment – neatly fold and loop the cord securing it with a twist or zip tie. For good measure, wrap plastic around the cord and secure. Ensure that the now wrapped up cable is not hanging down and touching the floor where pests can find.


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