How to Identify your MicroTouch Android Firmware Version

Our FW is periodically updated to add new features, drivers and apply patches. You may need to identify what FW version you have when managing your MicroTouch fleet or simply discussing items with our engineering teams.

You can easily identify your FW and Hardware Version from the "About Tablet" screen: Home>Settings>About Tablet

You can programmatically obtain these details with Shell Commands

In the screen shot below you will notice the Software Version and Hardware Version noted at the bottom of this screen. The Hardware Version will match your MicroTouch Android Device Product Number. The Software Version format is below.

Both the Hardware and Software versions are important if you are communicating information to our engineering teams.



How to retrieve this information with shell commands

From Shell


getprop ro.hardware.version

See below:




If you have question, or additional information, please reach out to our support team - Details below:

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