Touch positioning errors in Windows

How to correct response/action not occurring where the touch screen was touched (calibration issue):

A Windows operating system calibration may have been performed at some point. This can throw touch response off. Try the following:

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Open Tablet PC Settings

Note: this item will not be present unless the monitor is powered on and the touch USB cable is connected from the monitor to the PC.

3. Note the Calibrate and Reset buttons in the illustration below.

4. Note that the Reset button in the illustration above is grayed out, indicating that a Windows calibration has not been performed. In this case this procedure does not apply and will not correct the issue.

5. If the Reset button is active (not grayed out), click it. Clicking Reset, then Apply, should clear out the Windows calibration, which should correct the issue.

6. Click OK, then close the Windows Control Panel.


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