Flashing MicroTouch Android Device Firmware

In this instruction you will learn how to flash the MicroTouch Android Device Firmware using a separate Windows device.

Contact support@microtouch.com to obtain the correct FW and tools

Video of this procedure


Prepare Windows PC - Installing ADB driver:

  • Navigate to the unzipped ADBDriver location and execute “DriverInstall.exe”. On Windows 10 you may need to select “Install Anyway” if Defender is active.

  • Select “Install Driver” from the RK Driver Assistant window.

  • Select “Install” from the Windows Security window.



  • Once you see Install Driver Ok – The driver has been successfully installed. Select “OK”

  • On the RK Driver Assistant window – Select “x” to end the process.



Launching the Flashing tool:

  • Navigate to the unzipped RockChip_Imaging_tool and launch the AndroidTool application.


Connecting the Android Device: 

  • With the imaging tool launched. Connect the USB-C port of the MicroTouch Android device to a USB port on the Windows Device.

  • Once done, you will see “Found One MTP Device” in the tool.



Enable USB Debug / Switch to ADB Device: 

  • On the Android Device –Enable “Developer options” 

    (Settings>About Tablet, then tap Build Number 10 times).

  • From Developer options, enable “USB Debugging” (Settings>System>Advanced>Developer Options).

  • Once done, you will see “Found One ADB Device” in the tool.


Switch to LOADER:

  • Press “Switch”. 

  • Observe the Android device and accept the connection on its screen.

  • The Android device will re-enumerate as a LOADER

  • Device. - The Android device is now ready to accept new Firmware.


Loading the image file:

  • Click the “Upgrade Firmware” tab.

  • Click the “Firmware” Button. 

  • Navigate to the location where you have downloaded the .img file.

  • Select the file, then click “Open”.


Flashing the FW:

  • Click “Upgrade” 


  • The Process will begin.

  • There is a progress counter.


Finishing up install:

  • The FW install will take several minuets and the Android Device will reboot.

  • You will see “Erasing” on the Android Device.

  • Once finished the Android device will boot into Android

  • The Android device will also re-enumerate as an MTP device

  • You can now disconnect the Windows PC and turn off Developer Options if needed. 


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