Video over USB-C

Many MicroTouch products support USB-C video, this article details what this is and what is needed for it to work.

We receive lots of questions about Video over USB-C. The main cause of the confusion is that not all USB-C ports are created the same. Just because a port is USB-C shaped, does not tell you what the port is capable of. For instance not every USB-C port can charge your devices or provide video. You will need to review the host PC's specifications to see what standards your USB-C port is built to (more on that later)

This confusion extends to cables too, the same USB-C cable that charges your phone may not be capable of providing Video. Again, you will need to review the specifications for the USB-C cable to see what standards it is built to. 

What to look for. The specification does not call out how manufactures should name/identify these super USB-C ports, so you have to look through the specifications for something like: USB-C (Alt DP Mode), or USB-C (DisplayPort), or something along these lines. “Alt Mode” is what allows a USB-C connection to support more than USB data (including Thunderbolt and DisplayPort audio and video transfer). 

You also should know that you cannot support video using USB-A to USB-C cables. 

So to summarize. To support USB Video on a MicroTouch device that contains ALT-DP support, you will need to verify these two items:

1 - The USB-C port on the host PC must support ALT DP mode.
2 - The USB C-C cable must also support ALT DP mode.

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