What is IP rating?

Explanation of the IP64 rating.

IP stands for “ingress protection”, ingress in this case meaning intrusion of the environment into electronics enclosures. Thus, the IP rating is a rating of resistance to solid objects of various sizes, dust, moisture, and water in various forms including from droplets to splashed water, streams of water, immersion in water and up to high-pressure jets of water for the highest rating. Zero indicates no resistance and 6 (first digit) or 9 (second digit) means maximum resistance.

The rating is in the form of IP followed by two digits. The first digit pertains to solids and the second digit pertains to moisture/water. The higher the number, the greater the protection. A first digit of 6 indicates protection against any dust getting into the enclosure. A second digit of 4 indicates protection against water splashed from all directions getting into the enclosure (with minor exceptions that would not cause any damage, as in minor seepage).

Most MicroTouch equipment is certified to IP64 – protection against dust, splashed water and low-pressure water streams.

Important notes:

Only the front surface carries this certification. The sides and rear of the housing are usually vented for heat dissipation, so cannot be certified against ingress.

When a monitor or other piece of equipment is integrated into an enclosure, only the monitor/equipment is covered by the certification – it is up to the end user/integrator to certify the final integral unit (as in the seal between a monitor and a kiosk enclosure) to a given IP rating if so desired.

For detailed IP certification specifics, search for IEC 60529.


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