Why doesn't my barcode scanner work?

Barcode scanner doesn't send data to my application.

The Barcode Scanner can communicate using various software interface modes. The interface modes are USB Serial, USB Keyboard and USB HID. A good basic test, which is independent of any interface mode requirements of various software and hardware platforms, is to put the scanner into keyboard emulation mode by scanning this barcode:

In this mode the barcode will output data as if it were being typed on a keyboard, so open a text editor – Notepad, Keep Notes, or similar – and place the cursor into that application’s window. Now when you scan a barcode, the data should show in the text editor just as if it were being typed. If not, then the issue is related to the barcode scanner itself or the barcode scanner connection, so check the connection and cable. If you get data in the text window with the scanner in keyboard mode, the hardware is functioning, so read on.

As a general rule, USB HID mode is preferable, as it doesn’t require any additional drivers. However, some software applications (Point of Sale management, for instance) may be restricted to a certain software interface due to their embedded code. Some may require the USB Seral mode, or some may require keyboard mode.

If your device doesn’t produce data when barcodes are scanned, but the basic test above produces data, then consult the software application provider to determine which software interface is required. Absent that information, you can simply try setting each of the available modes and then scanning a barcode to see if data is produced in the application.

Setting a different mode is simple – simply scan one of the barcodes below, or the keyboard mode barcode above.











To reset to the default USB HID interface mode, scan the bar code below.


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