Why doesn't my MSR work?

Here you will learn how to change the device interface for the MSR using a windows PC

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The MSR can communicate using various software interface modes. The interface modes are HID Keyboard, HID MSR and Virtual COM. The default mode is HID MSR. A good basic test, which is independent of any interface mode requirements of various software and hardware platforms, is to put the MSR into HID keyboard emulation mode by following these steps:


Download and unzip the MCH100 AP file

Open the Settings AP folder and run M10CSX1D.exe

  1. Select Set USB interface Tab
  2. Select HID MSR
  3. Select Read from Device
  4. Set Device Interface to HID Keyboard
  5. Select Write to device

The MSR should now be set to Keyboard mode. 


In this mode the MSR will output data as if it were being typed on a keyboard, so open a text editor – Notepad, Keep Notes, or similar – and place the cursor into that application’s window. Now when you swipe a card, the data should show in the text editor just as if it were being typed. If not, then the issue is related to the MSR itself or the MSR connection, so check the connection and cable. If you get data in the text window with the scanner in keyboard mode, the hardware is functioning.


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