Cleaning instructions

What is the correct way to clean the monitor case and touch screen?

Turn off the product and disconnect from AC power before cleaning. Turning the product off protects against accidental touch selections that could cause problems or hazardous results. Disconnecting power protects against hazardous interaction between accidental liquid entry and internal power.

To clean the touch screen, apply a glass cleaning solution to a soft cloth and wipe the screen clean. To ensure that liquid does not enter the product, do not spray cleaning solution directly onto the touch screen or any other part.

To clean the case (except those areas that have ventilation openings), dampen a clean cloth lightly with water and a mild detergent and wipe gently.  To avoid getting any liquid or moisture inside the case, use a soft, dry cloth to clean areas that have ventilation openings . If liquid does get inside, do not use the product until it has been inspected and tested by a qualified service technician.

Do not use volatile solvents, waxes or any abrasive cleaners on any part of the product.


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